Frequently asked questions

What size are the bonnet garments?

They’re all one size fit all.

Are the kiddy bonnet garments for infants?

Our kiddy bonnet collection can fit infants and toddlers . The bonnet is customized with a lightweight elastic band to secure the perimeter of the child’s head comfortably.

What material are the bonnet garments made of?

Our bonnet collection material is made of 100% satin fabric.

Are the bonnets no slip garments?

Our bonnets are customized to stay all night to keep your hair hydrated and intact throughout the night.

What material are the scarf garments made of?

Our scarfs and edge wraps are made of 100% satin fabric.

What size are the scarf garments?

Our scarfs are long enough I wrap and secure around the hair twice.

How to wash hair garments?

Wash all hair garments with warm water by machine or hand. Allow bonnets to hang to dry to keep shape.